In my latest YouTube video, I show you my quick, easy and effective way to sharpen a two blade broadhead arrow. The technique can be used in the shop or in the field to make sure you broadheads are razor sharp and ready for action whenever you need them.

Sat in the stand tonight and had 6 doe coming in but they were down wind and spooked before i could get a good look at all of them.

This morning i saw a young doe with a yearling fawn at 7:30am. I could of shot the young doe but chose not to. This afternoon i took the gun for a walk up on my neighbors 55 acres. There is buck sign all over up there, rubs and scrapes everywhere. I saw half a dozen tails but it’s so thick up there the deer would have to be in your lap to get a clean shot.

No deer sighted today. The woods seemed dead. Not many critters out today.

Uneventful morning in the stand.

Footage from my morning hunt is up on YouTube. Check out the deer we call Blaze and our Redtail Hawk Visitor. You can also see the video my wife took at this link.

This is the official launch of Suburban Outdoor Life!